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Jewellery Care

Here are  few tips on some of the things you can do to keep your jewellery in great shape:

  • Take your jewellery off if you’re involved in any activity which could scratch, knock or damage it. If in any doubt, take it off and keep it safe.
  • Take it off when you go to bed.
  • Store it separately, ideally in a soft-lined box or case, so that your favourite pieces don’t tangle, rub or scratch one another. Pearls in particular should be kept separately as they are easily scratched by hard gemstones.
  • Keep away from fire and heat.
  • Do not apply perfume/water directly on the jewellery.
  • Please take care when storing pieces with enamel/acrylic/print.
  • Enamel/acrylic/print should not be in contact with other metal.
  • Store the piece individually (not with other jewellery) in this case.
  • While dressing, jewellery should be worn last and taken off first.
  • For re-polishing your jewellery, please contact us.